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Activity :Metal deck roll forming machine
Mar 17, 2021

Metal Floor Deck Machine is for producing metal floor decking as per drawings. The thickness is 0.8-1.5mm as usual Zhongtuo metal deck roll forming machine is composed by 10 Ton Hydraulic Uncoiler with Coil Car, Roll Forming Machine Mill 2 parts for easy loading), Hydraulic shearing system, hydraulic Station ,controlled Box ( All electric elements conform to CE standard.)
Metal deck there are two many types, here I show me for example;
steel plate rolling machines

Metal deck roll forming machine design:

Metal deck roll forming machine Work Flow .
5T Hydraulic Decoiler-→Manual Pre-Cutter Device- + Feeding Guide Device-→Roll Forming System- >Hydraulic Post Cutter Device-→AUTO Exit Rack

Advantages of Metal Floor Deck Machine are as follows:
1.Floor decking sheet produced by this machine has the features of low cost , light weight buy high strength ,shorten building period and re-cycle use .
2.Save material with no waste
3. Easy operation , low maintenance cost
4. It is easy for installation.

Metal decking machine Forming steps 28 steps
Shaft diameter 90mm
Design type Middle plate welded
Machine frame thickness 20mm
Machine frame 400# H steel welded
roller material 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
shaft material 45# steel
Work speed including shearing 8-12m/min
Transport By chains of 1.25mm
Power of main machine 15kw
More details of the Metal deck roll forming machine:

How to test the metal decking quality?
Two pieces of metal decking overlapping.

If you need the hydraulic decoiler, here is the picture for your reference:

steel rolling machines_industrial steel rolling machines_steel plate rolling machines_steel re rolling machine_roll forming machine - ZhongTuoCN SteelRollingMachines

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