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Activity :CZ interchangeable Purlin roll form980 glazed tile pressing
Mar 19, 2021

CZ interchangeable Purlin roll forming machine features

The CZ purlin is widely used in the modern popular steel structure, so the C purline machine Z purline machine is also more and more poplar. Our fatory developed a new series of the CZ interchangeable purlin roll forming machine.

I f your customer need both Z purline and C purlin ,you can buy a CZ purlin interchangeabe roll forming machine. Which is better than just buy a Z purlin roll forming machine or a C purlin roll forming machine.

1 CZ Purlin machine can produce both C Purlin and Z Purlin. The C change into Z operations is easy.

C purlin size range: 80-300mm, and Purlin size range:120-300. Also the CZ Purlin can be designed according to customers requiry.
2 CZ Purlin machine can adjust the both C size and Z size quickly ,by adjust backboard , and very easy operation.
3 The cutting parts no need to change the mold, just by adjust certain size, it can cutting the Purlin properly.
4 The price of the CZ Purlin is reasonable, about FOB : USD 40,000-USD45,000
5 CZ Purlin machine can save much of the workshop place.

6 Above is steel roof tile forming machine a machine picture of the C80-300/Z120-300 C Z purlin interchangeable roll forming machine.


Below pictures are the CZ Purline roll forming machines:

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