Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

cable tray machine


full automatic change cable tray roll forming machine

Cable Tray  roll forming Machine is a kind of equipment for making cable tray by various material. This Cable Tray Roller roll forming Machine may produce the cable tray, the different sizes through the replace punching moulds to complete. This machine can automatically change sizes. PLC controls to move back and forwards to reach linear effect and then do the sizes changing. 
cable tray roll forming machine
cable tray roll forming machine

The cable tray roll forming machine is integrated with a pre-punching system to make the wholes on the bottom and side of the tray. cable tray forming machine is a big machine line. here comes the information of the cable tray roll forming machine line:

cable tray roll forming machine

cable tray making machine is composed by the following elements:


Parameter: width of material: 225-1020mm thickness: 1-2mm;
Inner diameter of coil: 508mm;inner expansion range: 480-520 mm;
The maximal of Diameter: 1500mm; The Maximal of loading: ≤5T
Motor power: 5.5kw frequency change control
Press material type: pneumatic press material
Feeding speed: 0-15m/min, adjustable

Leveling machine 

A: working roller: nine rollers type leveling machine
B: Feature of structure: after the quenching and tempering, chrome-plating processing, the rigidity, surface roughness of the roller etc. are all enhance greatly; It is composed by the clamping roller and the leveling roller, the clamping roller may the independent control, the leveler has one pair of horizontal guide roller and two pairs of vertical guider roller and easy to adjust by hand wheel. 

servo feeding machine

Uses the servo motor-driven .Multistage type feeding: May input 10 group of different feeding lengths. The liquid crystal touching screen demonstrated is advantageous for the change, establishes various technical parameters.

Punching part

Model of punching press: JF21-120B

Roll forming part

Forming station: 14sets
Forming variety: bridge frame
The diameter of the roller axis: 85mm

Hydraulic cutting

Cutting type: hydraulic cutting
Blade type: close type die cavity cutter
Hydraulic power:5.5kw
Material of blade: Cr12, quench treatment, hardness HRC56-58
Quantity: 9 (depend on customer request)

Run-out table

Structure: roller type with no power
Electric control system
cable tray roll forming machine


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