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Whole Line of Peal Embossing Rolling Machine 

Description: Whole Line of Peal Embossing Rolling Machine is composed by the decoiler, leveling beach, metal rolling machie, shearing system, and recoiler system. Different with the single set of metal embossing machine, it allows you to do the following function. It allows you to embossing the sheet in specified lengtth. 

It also allows you to embossing decoiler coil and then recoiler it to another coil. You can sell the small embossed coil. The whole line of embossing working is fully autoamtic. 

Advantage of Metal Embossing Machine:

1. decoiler and recoier, we give the hydrailic decoiler and recoiler with the loading car and then it can load coil fully automatic. 
2. For the embossing machine, we use 42CrMo alloy steel as roller material, it is quite hard, so it allows you to use more than 10 years. 
3. For the Hardness of roller, the Surface to be case hardened 55 to 58 Rc, Top Roll/Bottom Roll: Driven by adjustable herringbone gear set. 
4. For the Pressure regulation, we use Screw pressure or hydraulic system to fulfile the fully autoamtic prouction. 

Whole Line of Peal Embossing Rolling Machine element pictures for your reference:
metal embossing whole line for peal pattern

Where the peal pattern embossed sheet made by embossing machine is used :

Normally this pattern will be used in the surface of the punching mold of car, it can help reduce the noise and heating from outside. In the following part, there are more patterns of embossing samples for your reference.

Where the peal pattern embossed sheet made by embossing machine is used

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