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Mar 19, 2021

Polyurethane 40 plate machinesealing side rock wool sandwich panel production line market Positioning and market analysis

At Present,the sandwich panel used in the market are alomost Rock wool composite panels and polyurethane composite board.(Foam sandwich panel is forbidded to use because it combustion-supporting easily.)
rock wool sandwich panel 's advantage is with A level flame retardant, and heat preservation heat preservation.But because it is made by rock material, so it has high performance of moisture absorption. So it easily cause sinking and collapse when it used as roofing tile. and i may cause partly broken of the panel or the roof so that fail to work to effect of heat preservation and heat insulation . Because of this disadvantages, the rock wool panel is been on the edge of elimination.polyurethane sandwich panel advantage is with good Water proofing property, Confined high strength,but it belong to B2 level inflaming retarding, so it is not suitable for the buildings which are with high requiremnents of Fire control requirements. what's more important, it has high production cost.

At present, the supplier which offer the sandwich panel almost are using the rock wool machine, and the machine line is very old, with the disavantage of the high water absorption intensity, the rock woll sandwich panel roll forming machine are now quit the list of the constructions main material and equipment.While Polyurethane composite board production line price is very expensive, In German and Italy, the price is as much as 20000000, Even in China, the china made one is as high as 1000000. So in China, few buyer can afford it.

There is good news that, the Self-developed products Polyurethane sealing side rock wool sandwich composite board production line by Zhongtuo cold bending roll forming equipments manufacture, is the Initiative and inventions . This Polyurethane sealing side rock wool sandwich composite board production line professional making this Two in One construction panel equipments. and this machine with good price. and no need let the customer buy the expensive Pu production line.The two machine join together , with high automation level. and Focus on the rock cotton polyurethane three major advantages of the technology of cold bending, and satisfied High school low-end demand of composite board manufacturers.

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