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Activity :Zhongtuo how to pack the cold bending rollRoll Forming Equip
Mar 19, 2021

Zhongtuo how to pack the cold bending roll forming machine

As we known, how to pack the cold bending roll forming machine intothe container from the workshop is very important thing, and it si one of the most concerned problem from the buyer ustomer. So how zhongtuo cold bending roll forming machine pack the machines? such as glazed tile roll forming machine, sheet roll forming machine, purlin roll forming machine?
Today zhongtuo cold bending roll forming machine factory tells you the details of the packing the cold bending roll forming machine
1 The cold bending roll forming machine is packaged in plastic film when the round wave machine is been finished produced.Then the machine will be loaded into the container , and fixed well by the steel rope, so the machine can not be damaged during the delivery.
2 And the spare part of the round wave machine are packaged in a box to keep the spare parts from been damaged.
3 The cold bending roll forminRoof Building Machineryg machine included the electric cabinet, the uncoiler, the roll forming main machine, the cutting machine, the hydraulic station, the receiver of the round roof. When we load the machine by the forklift, first we load the main rol forming machine body into the container. Generally the roll forming main body is devided into two parts, one parts is welded onto another part. so that there is enough space for the roll forming main body.
4 Then we begin to load other parts of the cold bending roll forming machine, such as electric cabinet, the hydraulic station, the receiver and the spare parts of the machine. besides the main roll forming machine body, the other parts are also packaged well by the plastic film .

5 When all parts are loaded into the container, the workeds will use some tools and steel rope to fix each part stable with the container inner wall. There is one important thing when loading the machines into the contaner, please make sure the macine is in the middle of the container, not to load the machine in one side. if not, there will be a inclinatio of the container, so the container will not be balanced when in the port.


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